Every day feels like the end of the line. Each avenue leads to getting lost. Survival doesn’t wait for callbacks or reviews. Life will throw you challenges without regard to your readiness.

New York will have to wait. When the money runs out, you’ve gotta go find some. Nobody’s putting these books out for me. In fact, I’m putting them out for them. So, the paper chase it shall be. The quest for means finds me today in the city of Cleveland, which despite my desire to call it Leaveland soon, turns out to be a nicer place than I think every time I pass through.

The people here have midwest nice mixed with eastern swagger. They’re generally pleasant but on the move. The architecture is a complex mix of colonial, victorian, and twentieth century that inspires one to aim for magnificent grandeur despite the constant toilet-smell of the Cuyahoga. 

Luckily, the Cavaliers are out of town for this portion of the playoffs, so driving rideshare should be much easier through the lakefront vicinity. Ohio has always proven well for (faceless corporation who will terminate me if I name them on the web) driving. I plan to spend a few days here, make some dough for chapbooks and bills, and get myself closer to Milwaukee for the big show on May 23rd.

Speaking of chapbooks, I’ve given myself a personal goal of completing one per month, to be mailed out to VA subscribers along with their monthly full-length poetry selection. This ambitious objective is meant as a way to incentivize investment in the press as well as push me to keep my writing sharp. I already have two 24-page booklets finished, and am in the middle of a third. If you wish to keep up with this endeavor, you’ll have to either subscribe to VA Press or see me at a reading. This shit is exclusive, yo!

Enough advertising, I’ve got a lot of books and a short reading tour to work on. I just wanted to drop a line to say that even though I thought Cleveland sucked for most of my life, it’s actually an all right place. I wouldn’t quite say it rocks, but I can certainly see why it’s not empty.

Change Your Mind,


PS: At this moment, I’m hearing Frankie Cosmos in a Starbucks, so naturally, I will now have to burn america down. Stay punk!