You May Feel Nude When Reading It • Bethany Price

she said

we should get together


she said

let’s just nail the flowers

into the drywall

she said

i’m middle aged

she said

that time goes slowly but

it speeds up the mundanity

as age progresses

she said

while driving fast in a bright car

lighting palo santo

don’t let a bad friend ruin

the smell of a good tree

she said

I still feel him in my mind

as she smiles

she said

that pain

is a gift too

she said

it’s nice to hang out with

someone who is fun and

has the time

she said

the mind cracks open

and nerves flood all sorts

of sensations

she said

I’m a healer

give me your hand

as she passed it

under the bathroom


she said

I slammed my fingers

in the door

she said

my acrylic nails saved me

she said

mama joe will take care

of you

she said

I’m a scorpio so

I’m pretty private

she said

while driving east

on the highway

I don’t know what it is

but my soul is a cat penis

and it won’t let go

she said

I’m squishy so I don’t model

she said

who is this woman

to you

in the red

she said

I’m attracted to people

who are bad for me

she said

your father wrote me

this poem

left it on my steps

she said

this spider is my friend

she said

I loved him as Kristian

and now I’ll love her

as Katrina

she said

initial sex wasn’t great

but in the morning

she did yoga


then he fucked

her real good

she said

darling heart

keep writing

she said

let’s walk through

the graveyard

but we have to

break in first

-Bethany Price, from Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters