Amourosity II • Maura Lee Bee

He sat on the floor of the living room

eating pizza crust and dreaming 

again of the days falling slowly

behind him, dripping as sweat does

on cold Sunday mornings


And between his mother’s rom-coms,

and arguing with his brother over

who would get to use the tv next,

he would lay on the floor

and count the crooks in the ceiling

the way he would count stars 


He would tap the air, 

the outline of imaginary sparks

waiting for something,

something he could not understand

just yet.


He asked his brother how girls taste,

and he said it depended what lipgloss they’re wearing,

and Peter couldn’t help but wonder

for years

how he could love the flavor of someone else’s lips

if he didn’t even know how his own must taste

by Maura Lee Bee, from Peter & The Concrete Jungle