The Reflection of Sky in Patches of Water on a Desert • Marream Krollos

It is all so obvious now
All right in front of you

Water was once together 
Then it separated
Into separate strands 
Of its separate selves

Sun is scarce here
It puts pressure on your skin
Clamps down on your skin
Cold found under your skin

As knees bend and ache 
Knees more than just bone 
Knees have brought you 

To this glacier 
This a white desert
You have come with knees 
To see desert
To see how desert 
Is beautiful still

To know some ice 
Cannot contain molten rock 
That becomes the land
A mind slowly curdling out 
Imagining it wants to be 
Trampled on 
Covered by moss

Blue sky in this clear water 
On a black desert of cooled lava
That had bubbled and raged red once
While the people stayed cold blooded
No lava under their skin
That boils with want  

This mountain of clay 
Shaped by hands
Squeezed and molded 
Glazed with green
The people speak of sulfur
The people speak of age
The earth’s crust writhes 

This mountain is silent
She stays still wondering
Why do I swelter and swell 
If I only spilled
If I only am 

You try to reach like the glacier 

It too has perspired over time 
Attempting the climb
Over the mountain 
To reach its people

But the land here is skin
Like you it is skin 
It parts to be filled
Risking all dark scars
Risking its own uniqueness
Unoriginal to its people
The land is made and remade   
Only heat from under the sea
Like all land is

by Marream Krollos, from Sermons