Found Things: Chronicles of the Floating City & the Night Carnival

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Found Things: Chronicles of the Floating City & the Night Carnival


Fantasy/Fiction, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-7326827-3-3

There is a city that hovers above the Lost Continent, and it is called the Floating City. It rests high enough that travel between the two requires the use of airships. The buildings are constructed of an unidentifiable stone, which some speculate was brought there during the rather ambiguous Age of Queens. The roads are cobbled and peppered with whimsically formed steel street lamps. What lights the lamps could be magic. It could be alchemy. Only the residents are sure.

In the first issue of the Chronicles of the Floating City & the Night Carnival, The Compendium, we discover the Floating City, full of strange creatures who have lost the City's history. A Night Carnival emerges from the Floating City, bringing with it remedies and mysteries to the Lost Continent Below. 

In Found Things, the second issue in a web of puzzles concerning the missing history of the Floating City, we find pieces of the City's hidden past as well as present day found letters, bringing us further into a labyrinth of conundrums and clues, real and imagined. Who was the Queen who lived 1,000 years ago? Who are the specters who live in the City? Is there a coming war between the City and the Lost Continent? What will the people do?

Enjoy these must-have companions to Milwaukee's own interactive outdoor fantasy, the Night Carnival, and become part of the living collaborative story told and illustrated by its performers. 

Attend the Night Carnival:

**Parents are encouraged to read Found Things and assess its mature content to decide whether it is appropriate for their children. Please contact us for updates the upcoming release of a kid-friendly version of this story.

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