Your Person Doesn't Belong to You by Isabel Sobral Campos (pre-order)


Your Person Doesn't Belong to You by Isabel Sobral Campos (pre-order)

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Poetry, 70 pages. Scheduled for release on July 14th, 2018.

The poems in this collection are both in homage and inquiry to the life of Joan of Arc. Using the legendary figure as a template, Campos creates an inner monologue for a woman whose power has yet to be known. Raw humanity mixes with finely-penned imagery to create poems that affirm the position of outsider as worth choosing.


from "Understanding"



    is a madrigal sinking in the marsh

one     comes to       doubt the sun


The afternoon reeks of thought,

I won’t speak of nights: blank like ice    begging some soothing


I test these tentacles, the gardened

warp of minutes,


lamps gyring      oblivion 

    What I know from

   looking         at this grille of time:


  banners make wonderful belts      worms stupendous earrings



Then wet fog

under enforced skirts


clings to the open

pit between my legs


Fog roams wetting

   my dried interior

blowing up the skirt’s

dimension into a single

alien curve,


the sagging drip of

its wetness on the

weighted hair




me already in




I tear the skirt

 The fog gales up

with fossil smell


Isabel Sobral Campos is a poet, Assistant Professor of literature at Montana Tech of the University of Montana, and co-founder of the Sputnik & Fizzle publishing series. Her chapbook, You Will Be Made of Stoneis available through Dancing Girl Press.

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